Light Rail Depots

Light Rail Day presents its first technical seminar "Light Rail Depots"
on April 29th in Copenhagen Denmark

 Welcome to our first technical seminar entitled "Light Rail Depots".

City tram depots are a significant part of the entire rail system. The planning of a depot ultimately has an enormous influence on the operation of an organisation and also on its running costs. The depot itself is a cost intensive component of a city tram system. How big do turns need to be to prevent squeaking?  A wheel set lathe is expensive. Is it really necessary or should an outsourcer instead switch off the wheel sets? How many replacement parts do I need to keep in stock to ensure flexible operation? How should the working rigs be installed to enable optimal work on the city tram? Do I need a paint shop? What are the benefits of a depot management system? These are just a small handful of questions that may need answering in the planning stages of a light rail depot.

Light Rail Day has invited many experts from all over Europe to attend so that we can benefit from their knowledge and ask them questions. The conference addresses consultants, developers, community representatives and light rail system planners. The conference is being held in the same place as Light Rail Day 2013 but the accommodation will be in another hotel. Please be aware that we only have a limited number of rooms in the Hotel Adina.

Light Rail Day 2015 will either take place from 9th-10th November or from 16th-17th November 2015 in Copenhagen. More information will be provided before the summer break.

Best regards
Bernd Reuß